It appears that the world cannot get enough of using pre-loved shipping containers for it’s limitless applications.

Today we’re heading to Africa where they are using the modest sea container for a fully functional internet café, the ZubaBox.

Zuba is the word for Sun in Nyanja – a language spoken in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Southern Zambia – the area where our first ZubaBox was deployed to harness power from the sun and provide internet connectivity for the community.

The ZubaBox is designed to work anywhere in the world, it is solar powered and simple to set up.  It requires no wired internet or main electricity supply, making it perfect for use in Africa.

The café is equipped with 11 flat screen monitors that run off a single Pentium PC. Little power is required as it runs off a thin client computer network which is powered by solar panels located on the roof of the container.  Six solar panels are positioned on top of the container, this being enough to provide 12 hours worth of electricity every day.  The lifespan of the panels is 25 years.

With its ability to be shifted easily from one location to another, the shipping container does just as good on land as it does on the water. And boy does it love to carry things.

Did you know that you can even sponsor a ZubaBox?

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