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It seems as though the “bad guys” are at it again, hiding drugs inside shipping containers along with fruit and vegetables.

These aren’t the first instances of this happening.  Back at the beginning of 2014, we reported on staff at Aldi in Berlin finding cocaine in crates of bananas.  Police referred to the incident as a “logistical error” made by the drug smugglers. Whoops.

In June 2015, eleven shipping containers that were full of pineapples were found to also contain cocaine. Some of the fruits were hollowed out and stuffed with the drug, yellow wax was used also to simulate the look of pineapple flesh. We wondered if this was clever, or clueless?

Smart or not, it appears that authorities worldwide are all over these interesting efforts of concealment.

1. Banana bust

A massive haul of cocaine has recently been uncovered at the Port of Sheerness (that’s in the UK you know..).  A whopping 38kgs of the Class A drug was hidden in a shipping container of bananas. Said to be worth more than GBP1.5 million the container arrived into the port from Panama.

2.  Don’t forget your veggies

We head over to the U.S. now where USD3.5 million worth of heroin and cocaine was recently discovered in a shipping container of vegetables.  The 121 pounds of heroin and 8 pounds of cocaine, along with the veggies, were en route from Ecuador to Miami when found transiting through Red Hook Terminal in Brooklyn earlier this year,.

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