Xmas lolly jar competition

Who can believe that there’s a mere 29 more days until Christmas Day! EES are about to make your Christmas that little bit sweeter with a fantastic never-been-done before competition…

Due to overwhelming demand, this year EES has ordered more Christmas Lolly Jars to be given away to our lucky clients and service providers. We’ve purchased a whopping 75kgs, just to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Now even though the lollies on their own are a pretty sweet deal, we’re also giving you a chance to win a double pass to the movies.   Is there any better way to spend a hot day than checking out the latest blockbuster in air conditioned comfort?

So how do you get your hands on these tickets?  We’re running two competitions simultaneously, and trust us when we say that we cannot make this any easier..

The first way that you can win a double pass to the movies is to find an EES sticker on the INSIDE of the white lid.  It’s that easy.  A CUSTOM sticker has been placed randomly on the underside of FIVE lucky jar lids of these delicious blue, orange and white candies.  If you are one of the lucky winners, send us an email with a selfie of you with your lid to Glenn to claim your prize. We’ll then post it to Facebook. Pretty simple right?

The second way that you can find yourself a lucky winner is probably the favourite in our office.  Chomp your way through your jar of lollies and see if you can pick the fifth flavour that makes up each jar.  Each jar contains these distinctive flavours:



Passion Fruit


Your job is to correctly guess the FIFTH mystery flavour.  Send an email directly to Glenn with your guess*!

Our sales team will commence delivering Christmas goodies along with these jars at the beginning of December.  Since our team doesn’t have access to a sleigh or reindeer, deliveries are spaced over a three week period.  To make it fair to all, we have SIX double movie passes on offer for this competition – that’s two per week!

Your only job is to make sure that your whole office is aware of our exciting competition.

Come and join in on a bit of fun this year! And, of course, enjoy the sweets.

For any further information, contact us directly.

Please note there is only one guess available per office. Competition only available for those within the Perth Metro area.

* If you are lucky enough to find a sticker, note that you are also eligible to guess the fifth flavour.