Xiamen, China to host BRICS summit

Xiamen, China to host 2017 BRICS summit – Delays possible

Our agents in China, M+R Forwarding, have advised us of possible delays for all cargo in Xiamen during the end of August and into September.

China will be hosting the ninth year of the BRICS annual summit in the south eastern coastal city of Xiamen in September.  The BRICS Summit is attended by representative leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

As the event is approaching, security has become increasingly stringent in all areas which have a great influence on freight and passenger transport.

Please find below a list of the important announcements that have been published as follows:

  • Start from 01 Jul, 2017, all full/heavy containers must be sealed with the security logo when entering into the terminal.
  • From 22 Aug, 2017 to 06 Sep, 2017, all cars and trucks entering into Xiamen Island must have security check, including freight and passenger transport.
  • Some cargo flights will be cancelled during the meeting period. Some airlines have already issued notices to advise that cargo flights will be cancelled.
  • All express business is normal now, and all parcels must have security check.

Our agents vast experience also points out that the following areas need to be noted:

  • All containers must have security check when entering into the terminals, so it will take more time for container pick up and return.
  • Some roads prohibit trucks for entering, such as Xiamen Island. For the roads that allow trucks to pass, it still needs more time on the transportation.
  • Some airlines will provide services to truck cargo to Hong Kong for connection. During the BRICS meeting, cargo flights ex Xiamen are cancelled.
  • The express companies (FedEx/DHL/TNT) might be closed during the BRICS meeting (from 03 Sep to 05 Sep).

Our agents are monitoring any further development of the situation by collecting data and official information from Customs, shipping lines and airlines.

If you are expecting shipments to move ex Xiamen during this time, please allow for these expected delays.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.