World in a box

“World in a Box” was a project of the 2019 Container Project Committee, a group of former senior Australian shipping executives, who were keen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of International Container Services into Australia.
The film is a reflection, celebration and history of the humble container. It provides a permanent record of the March 1969 Encounter Bay sailing into Fremantle laden with shipping containers, the first International door to door service that arrived in Australia. The 20 minute film journeys through the development of containerisation and looks to what lays ahead for the future of shipping globally.
The changes that have occurred in industry over the last 50 years as a result of the advent of containerisation include reduced transportation costs, efficiencies in handling, safer work practices and enabled the fast tracking of the movement of goods through the global transportation system.
International shipping has had a significant impact and role during the 21st century, and containerisation has led to many other industry innovations. A highlight is the changes reflected by Fletcher International and how containerisation has assisted with their International exports and made their company the success they are today.
As an industry, it is important for us have these milestones documented and celebrated, after all, we all know the significance that International Trade has on the economy, it is a great opportunity to share this with the general community via “World in a Box”.  
A number of supporters and Partners collaborated in bringing together “World in a Box

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
  • Australian International Trade and Transport Industry Development Fund (ITDF)
  • Fletcher International Exports
  • Maersk
  • Patrick Terminals
  • Port Authority of NSW
  • Shipping Australia
  • Rounding Up

A link to the film is available HERE.
A link to the DFAT site is available HERE


Source credit: Freight & Trade Alliance