World first ship widening


The MSC Geneva has re-entered service this month sailing between China and South America.

All this comes after around four months in dry dock, with the vessel being sliced down the middle and widened, increasing the vessels capacity from being able to carry 4,872 twenty foot containers to 6,336, without any increase to the operating costs.

“No one has ever cut a container ship longitudinally from the superstructure to the bow to widen it. We are very proud of our team who widened the MSC GENEVA and thus demonstrated the viability of our concept. The ship will prove that it can keep up with the other carriers that ply the world’s oceans,” Tim Ponath, Chief Operative Officer of REEDEREI NSB, said at Xingchong Hotel in Shanghai at the official celebration following the tour of the ship.


MSC Geneva Particulars Before and After Widening:

  • Length overall: 275,0 m to 283,0 m
  • Breadth: 32,2 m to 39,76 m
  • Nominal Container Capacity: 4,872 TEU to 6,336 TEU
  • Homogeneous 14t Capacity: 3,109 TEU to 4,900 TEU
  • Reefer plugs: 560 to 1,131
  • Energy Efficiency Transport Index EETI: 59,4 to 44,9
  • Fuel Oil Consumption per container; 27,1 kg/(day*TEU) to 20,1 kg/(day*TEU)

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Image credit : Reederei NSB