Wooden Products – things are about to change .. again

It wasn’t that long ago when importers of regulated timber products received a shake up with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources introducing the mandatory due diligence requirement in order to combat illegal logging worldwide.

Importers stepped up and embraced the new ruling with processes running smoothly for over a year now.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources are now advising importers that there will now be a new requirement for timber products.

The requirement comes in the form of a declaration from the manufacturer/supplier of the goods.  The manufacturer/supplier will need to declare that the products has been stored appropriately after treatment in order to minimise re-infestation by pests of concern.

At this stage we believe that any treatment that has been carried out prior to export will be required to have been completed within 6 months prior to export for manufactured articles and 90 days for unfinished timber.

This new requirement is said to be beneficial to importers and will enable more effective compliance and complete all biosecurity concerns.

All articles that currently fall under this new conditions are as follows:

  • Manufactured wooden articles
  • Timber and timber mouldings
  • Reconstituted wood products
  • Plywood, veneer and articles
  • Oak barrels and chestnut bark hoops
  • Wooden manufactured article that may contain bark

At this stage the implementation date is not yet known and trust that we are following this through closely with all the relevant departments.

Please treat this notice as a pre-advice.  We will be in contact as soon as the implementation date is known.

If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact Phil Gray, Customs Manager.