Why We Want Our Staff to Play While They’re Getting Paid

We know office workers around the country have been struggling with morale and mental health as the global pandemic continues, so we at EES have decided to inject a little fun and games into our daily nine-to-five.

Ongoing shipping congestion has meant we’ve never been busier as a company, so we recently decided to install a Wii-Fit, a rowing machine, couches and other recreational equipment in a dedicated space to help our staff let off steam.

As a society we’re increasingly talking about the importance of looking after our mental health. We felt it was time for us as a company to step up and be part of the solution, to ensure our staff are supported and provided with the tools to foster positive mental health.

We collaborated with the entire team to create an area that looks different from the actual office, so staff can physically separate themselves from their desks, take that break and come back refreshed.

It’s unrealistic to expect staff to be productive for eight consecutive hours a day, five days a week, 48 weeks of the year.

We all have moments where we need to get away from our desks and clear our heads, so it was important to me that we provide that space. I am encouraging staff to step out and actively disconnect from their work, so they can return feeling recharged and ready to go.

Yes, it’s challenging the traditional way of thinking, and trying something new.

Some might consider it a risk.

But if it works, it’s probably going to work better than we can ever imagined.

Developing the space was a significant investment for the company in terms of a dollar spend, but I am confident it will pay for itself in a number of ways;

  • Boost Staff Wellbeing: The space provides staff with the opportunity to keep fit, have a rest, clear their head, and think about something other than work. We hope the area will help foster positive mental wellbeing among employees.
  • Staff Retention: Creating an enjoyable workplace where people want to be helps to ensure staff longevity. It also makes the company more attractive when we’re recruiting future employees.
  • Boost Workplace Culture: We already have a strong culture within EES, but having this space will also provide the opportunity for further team building, and for staff to socialise beyond their desks.
  • Set an Industry Standard: Anecdotally I’ve been hearing increasing stories from within our industry of people needing time off for stress leave or mental health reasons. I’m hoping that by providing an area that promotes wellbeing for our staff, we can show other small businesses a new way to support their own workers.

Importantly for us, the new recreational area is also kid-friendly so that our employee’s children have a safe space to stay should they need to come into the office for any reason.

I have no doubt it will boost our workers productivity, as they won’t have to worry about rushing off to pick up the kids, or find a babysitter for school-free days.

We just want to make their lives that little bit easier where we can.

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