Wharf Congestion & Waiting Times – DP World Fremantle

Due to the recent industrial action at the wharf, port congestion, vessel delays and the Containerchain system outage over the weekend, we are experiencing significant container collection delays at the wharf – specifically DP World Fremantle.

We have been notified by all of our transport companies that they are experiencing delays far over the normal expected timeslot waiting times and most collections are incurring additional waiting times until the backlog can be worked through at a more reasonable pace.

Transport Companies are trying very hard to navigate the best way through this difficult time, and unfortunately, they cannot absorb the additional costs associated with their trucks spending an inordinate amount of time trying to pick up containers.

FYI: included in your standard transport costs is 30 minutes waiting time at the wharf to collect the container. Some carriers are reporting trucks waiting at the wharf for over 4 hours.

Bulk runs are down to a quarter efficiency at the moment, so this is exacerbating the situation.

We understand the many frustrations this is causing, however, these unfortunate events are out of our control.


If you have an issue with the current situation at the wharf causing you delays, undue stress, actual monetary costs, then we would strongly suggest you contact your local MP (Member of Parliament) and raise a complaint directly with them as a local business. They are the only ones who might have the capability to get this situation solved at a higher level.

EES Shipping is working very closely with transport companies on a daily basis and will support your businesses. We will try our utmost to push within our capabilities to minimise the impact to our customers.

Meantime, we are liaising & lobbying with below our industry bodies through their operational and professional support.

  • Freight Trade Alliance
  • International Forwarders & Customs Brokers Association of Australia
  • Fremantle Port Authorities

Ultimately, fixing the issue starts with you, the consignee / client. EES will assist you if you wish to take the matter further as per above.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.