Westside container village

Image credit: ABC News

This weekend is shaping up to be a great one in Canberra. The shores of Lake Burley Griffin are set to come alive with the grand opening of Westside container village.

Now, apart from living in recycled shipping container, swimming in pre-loved shipping container or staring at furniture inspired by shipping containers, we can think of nothing better than shopping, eating and hanging out near them.

^Shipping containers are strong and sturdy

Image credit: citynews.com.au

And that’s exactly what has been created here in Canberra.   This temporary village has been built on top of an old futsal slab and will include cafes, a rooftop bar, Vietnamese and French food, a gym, and space for sport and outdoor events. It’s pop-up nature is compounded by the use of the recycled shipping containers.  They are perfect for this kind of event with ease of maneuverability.

^ Feel like playing some b-ball, Westside’s got you covered.

So if you are in Canberra and don’t have any plans this weekend, why don’t you head to the Westside container village!