VGM compliance

On July the 1st 2016 the shipping industry moved a little bit closer to a more safer, transparent environment when the amendments to the SOLAS convention came into place.

Now, almost ten months on, Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) has commenced check weighing export containers, comparing the actual weight to data that is provided by shippers on the Verified Gross Mass (VGM).  The results are in, and they are concerning.

Export containers

  • An average of 20% of export boxes mis-declared by a variance of 500kgs
  • Mmore than 8% of boxes were mis-declared by more than a tonne

Import containers

  • Over 40% were mis-declared by a variance of 500kg
  • Over 11% were mis-declared with a variance of over a tonne

Shippers are encouraged to immediately review their VGM processes while this current grace period is in effect. The penalty for a mis-declared VGM is 50 penalty units, or $9000 (Marine Orders Part 42- Section 11).

Compliance and accuracy are the keys.  If you have any questions regarding export VGM, please kindly contact Nadia in our export department.  For import VGM questions, please contact Josh from our import team.

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