US bound air cargo screening – Update

Many Australian shippers are choosing to become known consignors after the introduction of the enhanced security measures for all air freight cargo being moved from Australia to the United States.

The new measures came into force on July the 1st, and the Office of Transport Security could not be happier:

Good afternoon,

From feedback that has been provided to us since 1 July, businesses have adapted well to the change. The transition period will continue for some time – including with seasonal exporters of perishable goods.
There has been a notable increase in export businesses wanting to become Known Consignors and the Office of Transport Security is processing these applications as quickly as possible.

We are also promoting the stories of businesses which have become Known Consignors. You can watch the story of Brisbane company Steritech here and we will have another story up soon.

Your members can still contact us by email at for information or ring the Office of Transport Security Guidance Centre on 1300 791 581 between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays.

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Yours sincerely
Sachi Wimmer
Executive Director
Office of Transport Security
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

If you want to know more about the security arrangements, head here.  For more information regarding the known consignor scheme, head to our website.

  • This excerpt has been taken from an email issued from Freight and Trade Alliance.