US Air Cargo Security

The International Air Freight sector in Australia are currently scrambling to ensure that they are compliant for the upcoming implementation of new security measures.

From July the 1st, 2017, United States legislation requires all air cargo being transported to the USA to either be examined at piece level or to originate from a Known Consignor.

Currently, in Australia there are only three known consignors on the Government’s Known Consignor list.   Subsequently, this now means that the majority of exports from Australia to the United States will be subject to piece level examinations.

The definition of Piece level examination is that each individual box, carton or other item that is in a shipment is examined by approved technology (explosive trace detection/physical examination by hand) prior to being loaded onto an aircraft.

As always, we have been proactive in ensuring we comply with all regulations  well before the implementation of these security measures.

EES Shipping will be using the most thorough and least disruptive option to your cargo which is the X-Ray method. This way, we can ensure any shippers moving cargo to the United States via Air Freight that uplift to your cargo will be without any delays or issues.

Please kindly make contact with Nadia Taurua in our Export Department for any further information.