U.S. finds unwanted beetles

The Khapra beetle, also called cabinet beetle,which originated in South Asia, is one of the world’s most destructive pests of grain products and seeds. Acting like a hungry teenager, it’ll eat you out of house and home.

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LEWISTON, NY– U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents discovered a destructive beetle in some imported goods coming over the Lewiston Queenston bridge last week.

Officials say an ocean container hauled by a commercial tractor carrying rain ponchos was being inspected when agents discovered three, live Khapra Beetle larvae.

“Intercepting Khapra Beetle is vital to the agriculture industry, said Randy Howe, Director of Field Operations for the CBP Buffalo Field Office. “In this case, it isn’t common for Khapra Beetle to be discovered within this type of commodity. The vigilance of the agriculture specialists was extraordinary and stopped a potentially destructive insect from entering.”

The Khapra Beetle, or dirty feeder, can not only eat, but also contaminate crops. It can also survive for long periods without food and is tolerate of fumigants and insecticides.

The container was sealed and sent back to Canada.