Typhoon Matmo causes destruction

As Typhoon Matmo left Taiwan, it left a trail of destruction behind it.  Mud slides are now feared, caused by the 0.6 metres of rain dumped on the mountainous areas.

Winds hit an unbelievable speed of 173 kilometers per hour – causing trees to be uprooted and roofs to be torn from their houses.

International and domestic flights have been cancelled, along with rail movements. We must also mention the tragic loss of lives following the emergency landing of Taiwan TransAsia Airways during the aftermath of the storm. The  plane crashed upon attempting it’s second landing – taking at least 42 lives.

Former Typhoon Matmo has now moved it’s way into the Zhejiang Province, south of Shanghai China.  Heavy rains and strong winds are expected during this storm. Some offices remain closed.

 EES will keep you informed of any specific  delays to your shipments.

A 6.5m scarecrow is secured to the ground by a farmer prior to the storm.

Image and source credit: abc.net.au