Trick or Treat?


For us, Halloween is nothing more than a harmless night of freaky costumes, zombie makeup and plastic spiders in cotton wool webs –  but in Mombasa, Kenya it unleashes real fear.

A few weeks ago a container from China arrived in the Port of Mombasa – the contents of which terrified the locals. The cargo was packed with grotesque masks, severed hands and more skeletons than you could poke a stick at. It was literally full of Halloween spirit (which is like Christmas spirit but scarier).

They great majority of Kenyans don’t celebrate Halloween. In fact some link such imagery with the occult, the Illuminati and other subversive secret societies.

The cargo had been linked to an unnamed senior politician but a week ago the real owners of the merchandise came forward. The Village Market in Gigiri Nairobi claimed ownership of the Halloween paraphernalia for a Halloween party slotted for October 26. They bought in new stock to replace their worn out skeletons and plastic bats. Incidentally they have been hosting Halloween parties for the last 17 years.

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image credit: Standard Media