Touring the Grasmere Maersk

One of our more popular posts is this fantastic one from October 2014. We’re re-sharing today for nostalgic reasons!

A few of our lucky staff members and clients recently were fortunate enough to be invited to tour the container ship Grasmere Maersk when it was berthed at Fremantle this week.

Built in the year 2000, the Grasmere Maersk has a maximum speed of 24.2knots and is 292.1 meters long.  It can take a maximum of 4338 twenty foot containers (TEU) and for this voyage into Fremantle the vessel was captained by Mr. Mark Bellard. There is a total of 26 crew members on board on a usual voyage.

Here is the Capt with Michelle from Customs Support.

The red terminal trucks move the containers around the wharf.

Check out those reefer containers

A fair number of photos were taken of the containers and the vessel itself.  There was also some taken of the crew’s quarters on board.

The DVD storage area. We’ll blame the vessel swaying for the blurry shot! Part of an officer’s room, The ship’s galley.. What was cooking? Osso Bucco! and the TV room..

The driving force of the Grasmere Maersk. This is the engine room.

A lot of amazing photos were taken of the containers and Fremantle Port during the tour, which we will upload to our gallery. Here is a little collage of our favourites showing some of the crew from EES.

Who let Mitch drive the vessel?

We would like to say thank you to Maersk for allowing EES Staff and visitors on board this grand vessel.

We’ll leave you with this stern warning that the crew adhere to.