The Madrid Maersk

Move over MOL Triumph, your days at the top are over!

There’s a new ship in town and it’s name is the Madrid Maersk.  

In a industry that appears to believe that “bigger IS better”  we’d like to introduce you to the first ship in Maersk Lines 2nd generation Triple-E..

Here’s a couple of quick facts on the Madrid Maersk:

  • A cargo hold capacity of 20,558 twenty foot containers – TEU (that’s 408 containers more that the MOL Triumph!)
  • 399 meters long
  • 7% more efficient than 1st generation Triple-E’s

The arrival of the Madrid Maersk comes four years after the first delivery of Triple-E’s – the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller (which was the first vessel to surpass the capacity of 18,000 TEUs.  The staff here at EES know the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller intimately, as we built the Lego version in our office over a six week period.

Not only is the Madrid Maersk notable for its size, but also it is also the first of the 27 ships to be delivered to Maersk Line by the end of next year. Prior to its delivery, Maersk Line has not taken delivery of any new ships since July 2015.

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