The First

Over the last few months, there has been several articles on the different “world’s largest” vessels.  A few of these vessel have made their first calls into particular ports, and have been celebrated in style.

We’ve put all the details together and have come up with this fantastic gallery – what a sight!

1.  MSC Maya

Image credit: Andrew McAlpline

With the ability to transport 19,224 TEU (twenty equivalent unit – twenty foot containers) the ultra-large containership MSC Maya recently steamed it’s way into the Port of Southampton. This is the first time that Southampton has welcomed a vessel of this size. The MSC Maya sports a unique container stowage configuration which also includes an extra tier above deck.  These unique features result in the MSC Maya being able to carry a few hundred more twenty foot containers than vessels of the same size.  Just how long is she? The MSC Maya measures in a 395.4m long!

2.  CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin

Image credit: Port of Los Angeles

Residents of Los Angeles recently received a fantastic New Year present with the arrival of the largest container ship ever to enter into the United States – the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin. Usually seen only in Asia and Europe, this ultra large vessel arrived with an audience of curious on-lookers.  The Benjamin Franklin can hold a whopping 18,000 TEU (a few hundred less than the MSC Maya) yet is slightly bigger at 398m long.

3.  Al Muraykh

Image credit: Andrew McAlpine

Another one of the world’s largest vessels docked in DP World’s London Gateway Terminal recently carrying a record load of containers -18,601 TEU (twenty equivalent units) to be exact.  This amount sets the record for the most containers EVER loaded onto any vessel. The AL Muraykh can hold a staggering 18,800 TEU’s and is actually the longest out of these three vessels at 400m.