The Features of a Shipping Container

Have you ever looked at the container in your yard and wonder what it is made from?

Today we are giving you the complete run down of shipping containers as we know them today.

Most standard, typical ISO (International Standards Organisation) containers are constructed using a “weathering steel”. This kind of steel is also known as “Cor-ten” steel which is corrosion resistant.  It is often used in many industries that require steel to be exposed (sculptures, building industry etc). Cor-ten steel is extremely strong and resilient, making any repairs easy.

The specifications on each container depends on the container size and the type of container.  Head over to our website here for a detailed explanation of each container’s specific dimensions.

The standard ISO container will have the following characteristics and components:

•  Monocoque body (a structural approach that supports loads through an object’s external skin, similar to an egg shell)
•  Corner Castings
•  Steel corrugated sheet sidewalls, roof, and back panel
•  All-welded-steel, continuously
•  Purin reinforced Plywood Floors
One of the best features of the humble shipping container is it’s plywood floors.  This floor ensures that repairs easily carried out.  The flooring also does not dent, and has a strong friction surface, which is necessary for cargo securing.
•  Forklift pockets
•  Grappler pockets
•  Gooseneck tunnel

So there it is. The humble shipping container broken down and delivered to you.

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