The Container Bar

The name is not fancy, but it’s exactly what it is, The Container Bar.  Yup, it’s a bar, that’s made of containers.

The two story establishment took three years to create and features a number of indoor spaces along with an outdoor courtyard. It’s home is a historic district in Austin, Texas.

Each shipping container, there are seven in total, have been given a different interior design feel and have been painted a different colour.

The owner, Bridget Dunlap said that she’s held a fascination with shipping containers’ real estate for years, and at one point even thought about building a house made of them for her and her son.

“I used to really think shipping containers were fun and something easy and an affordable way to make housing or a bar,” Dunlap said.

Dunlap has also been quoted as saying “We did it, mother****ers,” when the bar finally opened. That’s my kind of woman..

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