The CMA CGM Kerguelen

The CMA CGM Kerguelen, named after the 18th-century French navigator Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen de Trémarec, this container ship is the third largest container carrier in the world.

There are some amazing facts floating around on this vessel:

  • As long as five jumbo jets.
  • Can carry the weight of 200,000 transit vans.
  • Is the UK’s largest containership  (it was built in South Korea for USD150m – but is registered in the UK).
  • The Kerguelen can carry 17,722 twenty foot containers.
  • The vessel can hold 10 (non-crew)  passengers.
  • A total of five cabins on the Kerguelen have been set aside for tourists at a cost of €120 a night – (a pricey holiday for anyone who stays for the entirety of the average 77-day voyage).
  • The vessel flies the UK flag because of the “safety and reliability” of the country’s shipping industry.

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