The Antonov is almost here

It’s only a few more days until the Antonov AN-225 Myira arrives into Perth.  Are you as excited as me us?

Here’s the flight plan that the Antonov will be taking on it’s way to our airport:

Aviation WA reports  that the Antonov An-225 has departed its home base at Gostomel (near Kiev), Ukraine and has arrived at Prague, Czech Republic, where it will be loaded with the massive 117-tonne generator.

It will depart Prague on Thursday 12 May 2016 and fly to Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan and refuel before continuing on to Hyderabad, India, the same day.

Perth Airport is expecting huge crowds to watch the massive plane descend into Perth.  This will be the aircraft’s first arrival into Australia.

The Antonov will be hauling an incredible 117 tonne power generator from Prague to Perth on behalf of a refinery.

With the schedule arrival date to be the 15th May, we are waiting patiently for the approx time that the Antonov will descend from the skies. The plane will make several refueling stops in Eurasia and South East Asia along it’s way to the final destination of Perth.

The current estimated time of arrival and departure for the Antonov into Perth Airport are as follows:

Sun 15 May 2016: Arriving 10.00AM

Wed 18 May 2016: Departing 6:00AM

The below picture shows the scale of this plane compared to others.

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image credit: (Robert Noel)