The Anotonov is coming to Perth


We can now confirm that a date has been set for the Antonov to touch down at Perth Airport.  May the 15th!  The plane is due to be in Perth for two days, with the cargo’s load, a generator for the resource industry taking 8-10 hours to unload.

The aircraft’s operator, Antonov Airlines, is working with Perth Airport and other authorities to ensure that the public are given plenty of opportunity to see this mammoth aircraft.


Early last week The West Australian bought us the exciting news that the Antonov AN225 Mriya is due to touch down at Perth Airport in April!

What’s the Antonov AN225 Mriya you ask?    It’s this beast of an aircraft:

The Antonov AN225 Mriya doesn’t usually fly into Perth (or Australia), due to it’s sheer size.  According to industry sources, it has been suggested the the Antonov will fly into Perth twice in April to deliver a huge generator for the resources industry.

The Antonov is the World’s largest aircraft and it is expected that it’s arrival into Perth will draw massive crowds at vantage points near the airport.

Let’s put this plane’s sheer size into perspective with some jaw-dropping stats:

  • The Antonov sports SIX engines
  • It has twice the wing area of a Boeing 747 (88.4 metres!)
  • Is able to carry up to 250 tonnes of air cargo
  • Also capable of carrying 150 tonnes on long range missions
  • The Antonov AN225 Mriya has broken 240 world records, including carrying the heaviest cargo at 253 tonnes and the heaviest single piece of cargo with a mass of 186.7 tonnes.
  • There is also a claim that the Antonov has carried the world’s longest piece of cargo at 42.1m!
  • This huge plane operates on a flight crew of six

Compared with a 747-400, its wings area at 905sqm is almost double and its maximum take-off weight of 640,000kg is 40 per cent greater.

Its six engines produce a combined 306,000lb of thrust or 480,000hp.

Want to see the Antonov taking off?

Here’s an awesome video of the Antonov landing:

Are you as excited as we are for this gigantic plane’s arrival?  As soon as the exact dates are known we will update you.

If you have any pictures of the Antonov you’d like to share, comment below!

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