That’s ONE Pink Vessel

Vessels come and go at Fremantle Port but there was a buzz in the office this week with the arrival of the “ONE Commitment”. 

This 316m long vessel received a special welcome from Fremantle Ports emergency vessel on Monday 25th November evening as she moved her way into the harbour.  The fanfare was to mark her maiden voyage into Australia.

While the ONE Commitment is not the biggest ship to come into Fremantle, she certainly is (one of) the prettiest.  Painted a beautiful cherry-blossom magenta colour (just like the ONE branded containers) the vessel was a beautiful sight against the setting sun.


Check out some stats on the ONE Commitment below:

  • Can hold 8560 TEU (twenty foot containers)
  •  is 315m long and 45.6m wide
  • this vessel was previously called the MOL Commitment
  • sailed her maiden voyage from Singapore
  • The ONE Commitment was the first magenta colour vessel in the ONE fleet.

ONE (stands for Ocean Network Express) have adopted the unmissable magenta as it’s brand colour as it reflects an energetic, innovative and confident perception to customers.

Did you see the vessel arrive in Fremantle?

Some images courtesy of Fremantle Ports