Texas Update

We have all seen the devastating images coming out of Texas after Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc over the area. 

The hurricane has now been downgraded to a Tropical Storm but this has not lessened the impact that the amount of rain has had on the communities affected. And it just keeps on raining.

We have been advised by our agents on the ground in North Texas that they are safe and remain dry for the moment.  However, all shipping lines and container freight stations located in Houston are currently closed to deal with this crisis.

Shipping Terminals remain closed with numerous cruise ships that were due into Houston harbour being relocated to other surrounding ports.   Oil refineries are also shut down. 

At the time of this post being published, Houston’s busy airports are also closed.

Please note that if you have any shipments coming from, or heading into this area, they most certainly will experience delays.

We will contact yourself directly if you are affected.  For further information, please contact us directly.