Tauranga VS Auckland

Two of New Zealand’s biggest ports are currently arguing over who is the best.

The dispute began when, Morningstar rated the Port of Tauranga as the most productive, efficient port in Australasia.

The Port of Auckland, head of communications Matt Ball, has disputed this claim saying that Morningstar had got it wrong when it came to which port was more efficient.

Times have changed down on the waterfront and Tauranga no longer has everything its own way,” Ball told The Herald. “When you look at the speed with which ships are handled, it is Ports of Auckland which comes out on top. Latest Ministry of Transport figures show Ports of Auckland has been leading on two out of the three port productivity measures since 2012.
In the most recent quarter Auckland’s ship rate – the speed with which ships are loaded and unloaded – was 17 per cent higher than Tauranga,” Ball said.

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