Supply of Three Phase Cage Induction Motors

Are you an importer of three phase cage induction motors, or do you import equipment that is fitted with three phase cage induction motors?

It is imperative that you read this document received from the GEMS Regulator.

As an importer you may have obligations under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act) relating to the supply of motors contained in equipment or machines being imported.

What motors are covered?

Under the GEMS Act, models of motors:

  • with a rating greater than or equal to 0.73 kilowatts but less than 185 kilowatts and
  • with a rated voltage of up to 1100 volts alternating current,

supplied, offered for supply, or used for a commercial purpose in Australia, must be registered against, and comply with, the requirements of the GEMS (three phase cage induction motors) determination 2019.

What about motors incorporated into equipment or machines?

In relation to motors incorporated into equipment or machines, for example, but not limited to, those used in industrial applications to power pumps, compressors, and fans, if the motor can be separated from the driven unit and operated as a motor, then it is covered by the Determination and must be registered and comply with its requirements.

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