Super Typhoon Meranti

Super Typhoon Meranti wreaked devastation and chaos in Kaohsiung Port on Sep 14. In addition to massive port devestation, several fishing vessels were damaged.

Meranti was packing maximum sustained winds of 230 mph (370 kilometers per hour) as it moved south of Taiwan, despite being spared a direct hit by the storm, it’s unknown power could be felt across much of Southern Taiwan.

Check out this amazing video taken from an unknown container depot in Kaohsiung:

Typhoon Meranti has now reached mainland China with winds easing slightly  to 145 mph (230 kph) with gusts of up to 175 mph (280 kph).

Delays are expected with all seafreight shipments from Taiwan, China and surrounding regions.  If your shipment is effected, we will contact you directly.

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