Sunny Side Up

With 144 solar panels freshly installed on the roof of our Cockburn Central warehouse, the forecast is certainly looking hot!

It was earlier this year in March when EES became paperless, providing us with paper free environment.  Our decision to install solar panels was a simple one.  It certainly couldn’t have come at a better time, with the average Perth temperature over the coming months being 32 degrees.

Over the course of a week, professional installers meticulously placed 144 top of the range German manufactured panels to our vast roof.

Brian assist the crane operator

Want to know some specifics on our high quality solar energy system?

144 × 255 W poly consist of:
72 × North-facing
18 × West-facing
54 × East-facing

  1. PV system power:           30.100 kWp
  2. Annual Production:         Approx. 48,702 kWh (1,618 kWh/kWp)
  3. CO2 avoided:                Approx. 40.4 tons per annum

The panels postitioned perfectly on our roof

Daily reports are received via email to show us the total yield of meter change. That’s pretty impressive!

EES going green and having these solar panels installed not only will reduce our electricity bill but more importantly it will reduce our carbon footprint.

Two inverters are needed for 144 solar panels

If you’d like to know any further details on our solar energy system or the company that installed this impressive paneling, please kindly contact us directly.