Stinkbug chaos

The war on stinkbugs is happening closer to home than preferred with a detection of the pests found in Jandakot.  This is the third detection of the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug found on Australian shores in as many months.

This exotic pest could decimate Australian horticulture industries.

“A large number” of dead and alive brown marmorated stink bugs was found in a container of electrical parts at a commercial warehouse in the Perth suburb of Jandakot. The infested shipment — discovered late last month — had come from Italy.

The detection was reported “quickly” to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. “Swift action was taken to secure the goods and the container,” a department statement said, with infested goods treated and kept at a biosecurity facility.

The Jandakot warehouse was also fumigated and traps have been set up in the area.

Keep a look out for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug around your premises.  Not sure what they look like?  Head over to this post, or check out the below picture.

If you see an unusual pest, secure the goods to limit the movement of the pest and immediately report it to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources SEE. SECURE. REPORT. Hotline 1800 798 636 or by using the online form.