Starbucks Container Drive Thru

EES is bringing you today another classic example of recycling sea containers.

Initially used to transport goods around the world, these containers have found their home in Tukwila, Washington (U.S.A.) as a drive thru shop for Starbucks.

Starbucks were inspired by sea containers that are used to move their products around the world and thought that it would be a fantastic idea to create this retails space from them.

Western Australia doesn’t have a Starbucks.  This design should definitely be the first to be built!

The store also contains a walk up window.

The steel of the containers create beautiful clean lines on the building.

Starbucks have also integrated rainwater harvesting and xeriscaping to minimise water consumption.

Even though this shop is a one off, we believe that this kind of development has massive potential and would love to see more containers used in retail areas.