Spider infestation found on vessel

The Green Ridge is a roll on roll off vessel carrying cars and heavy machinery.

The car carrier, Green Ridge, has had to undergo fumigation twice when black widow spiders were spotted by dock workers when the vessel was alongside at Guam’s Port.

Guam, far enough away from Fremantle for the spiders not to travel

The vessel had initially been cleared by Guam Customs and Quarantine, but was ordered out to harbour when port workers that were unlashing the cargo noticed spiders and spiderwebs.

Samples of the insects were collected and sent to the University of Guam and the Department of Agriculture for identification.

Officials assured all concerned that the black widow spiders had been eliminated.

Black widow spiders are considered to be the most venomous in North America, with their venom reportedly being 15 times stronger than a rattlesnakes.

With the port on high alert, snails and another species of spider, a wolf spider, were found on a shipping container that was previously thought to be not effected by the infestation.  The container was also fumigated and treated for snails.

Port staff also found a brown spider near the Gantry Crane No 6.  This turned out to be an orb-weaver spider, which is found commonly in Guam.

The ro/ro (roll on, roll off) vessel had arrived in Guam from California, via Honolulu.

Port workers are on high alert

Image credit: shipspotting