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The introduction of the new amendments to the SOLAS convention are causing worldwide concern.  These introductions will see shippers responsible for verifying the gross weight of their shipping containers prior to exporting.   July 1st 2016 is ‘D’ day.

With any new law or regulation the rules take time to figure out.  With each passing weeks and months and as the deadline edges closer, shippers,exporters and all involved in the supply chain are seeking knowledge and attempting to understand their responsibilities.

The two acceptable methods for obtaining the Verified Gross Mass of your container are relatively simple:

1. You must either weigh (using calibrated and certified equipment) all the packages loaded, then add the tare weight of the container OR

2. Weigh the container once packed

If the Verified Gross Mass of the container cannot be supplied and certified, the container will not be loaded onto the vessel.

This Frequency Asked Questions document was recently created by an industry coalition to answer the questions that have been asked.

There has also been another FAQ issued with clear explanations of the amendments to the SOLAS convention.

Are you prepared for these changes?

It is important for these new laws to be introduced into the shipping industry worldwide, with no exceptions or delay.

The result of mis-declared container weights can be catastrophic.