SOLAS Update

The pending introduction of the updates to the SOLAS Convention are looming.

From the 1st July 2016 all containers will require weight verification as a condition for loading packed export containers aboard ships.

Whilst the specifics of this new amendment have put the industry as a whole into a tailspin, the two methods of acceptable weight verification could not be simpler:

1. You must either weigh (using calibrated and certified equipment) all the packages loaded, then add the tare weight of the container.


2. Weigh the packed container.

If the Verified Gross Mass of the container cannot be supplied and certified, the container will not be loaded onto the vessel.

A Verified Gross Mass FAQ has been created to ease the supply chain’s mind on these imminent changes.

These amendments to the SOLAS Convention are essential to improving the safety to all involved in shipping and supply chain.  The mis-declaration of container weights has been a problem in the past and as we look towards the future there will be so much improvement.


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