Snakes arrived on a plane

Australia’s bio security officers received a shock when examining and opening packages marked as ‘mixed powder’.  They discovered live snakes instead!

^ X-ray of the cargo revealed some vast abnormalities.

The shipment arrived into Melbourne’s international mail facility from Indonesia.

^ This cargo was not mixed powder as manifested.

It is believed that the snakes were illegally imported with the intent to sell or breed the reptiles.

The bright green snakes, the longest being approx 1.5 metres long, were tightly coiled inside the package.  Sadly, since their discovery, the snakes have been euthanased to protect our country from unwanted diseases.Australia has tough rules about the importation of live animals, primarily to protect the environment, human health and local agricultural industries — which are worth a whopping $54 billion a year — from foreign pests and diseases.

“Where we find intentional non-compliance like this we investigate and seek to apply the full force of the law,”  Head of Pathway Compliance, Nicola Hinder Hinder said.

“I want to warn those involved in this failed importation, or thinking about using the mail to bring in animals that that we aim to find you and hold you to account.

“I also want to encourage anyone who is thinking of buying an exotic pet, like a snake, to ensure they are provided proof of the provenance of the animal so they are not inadvertently supporting this cruel trade.

“It’s obvious—anyone who claims to be an animal lover and conceals reptiles, or any other animal, in small packages and sends them through the mail does not have the best interests of the animals—or Australia at heart.”