Snake on a ship

We’re all heard of the Hollywood hit, Snakes on a Plane, but how about real-life Snake on a Ship? Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but it’s still terrifying never the less!

The Maersk Sana – image credit: leon van duivandijk

A crew member from the container ship Maersk Sana recently discovered a 18 inch (45cm) long Indian cobra when the vessel was on it’s way to New Jersey.  The Maersk Sana crew, who had been en route from Indonesia, notified U.S. Widlife officials of the stowaway. A member from the Bronx Zoo came to assist with the removal of the snake from the vessel.

Now just how does someone remove a deadly snake in the dark, eight stories below deck on a swaying vessel? With special equipment and a heap of bravado! And maybe after having a few drinks.

An Indian cobra strike can kill within an hour, according to herpetologists.  Using snake tongs and hooks, the handler was able to capture the snake.  The snake was suffering from dehydration, being cold and covered in oil – it is now recovering in the Bronx Zoo quarantine area.

This is not the first time that wildlife has been found on container ships.  There’s been Brazilian spiders, an actual spider infestation along with several monkeys.

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