Smitten with container recycling

The weather is slowly heating up here in Perth with this weekend set to be a warm one.

As we are channeling our inner summer here at EES, we thought we’d share a cool story about container recycling, icecream and good old fashioned ingenuity.

Smitten Ice-Cream in San Fransisco is deliciously unique because they create each ice cream order on the spot with their high-tech liquid nitrogen machine called Brrr.

Very few things could top a machine that can make delicious, dense ice cream on the spot but we think the container in which Smitten Icecream is being created and served is pretty darn cool too. The magic happens inside a rusted out, cut in half, forty foot container. Here’s what they have to say about it –

Since we are re-thinking the art of ice cream, we figured we would also re-imagine what an ice cream shop could look like. True to the scrappy roots of our business, we turned an old, rusted-out shipping container into our charming (and highly-energy efficient) first shop. Taking old, raw materials and making them new again is a perfect fit for our new, old-fashioned approach to ice cream.

The shop looks edgy and industrial, a perfect forever home for a world travellin’ 40′ foot container.

With curious flavours like brown sugar with cinnamon shortbread and a sundae called Brittle Me This, we are totally smitten! What are the chances of getting our order delivered?

Image credit: Gil Riego Jr