Singapore’s new automated guided vehicles

PSA Singapore has invested in 22 new automated guided vehicles for its container terminals as part of existing efforts to test and develop advanced port technologies.

The new AGVs, which will be used to move containers between the quay side and the container yard completely without human drivers, are expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2017, PSA Singapore said.

One of the existing AGV’s

The new units will join the existing eight hybrid-powered AGVs operating at the PSA’s Pasir Panjang Terminal, bringing PSA’s total AGV fleet to 30 units. No details on the costs of the new AGVs, which will operate 24/7, were disclosed.

The new AGVs, which will be battery-powered for zero-emission operations in the port area, will be seamlessly integrated with the existing AGV system as part of initiatives to develop port technology solutions for the future automated Tuas Terminal.

The Tuas Terminal, which will use a new generation of technologies to increase efficiency and productivity, will have the capacity to handle up to 65m teu, making it the world’s largest container terminal at a single location.

In April, the first phase of the Tuas Terminal began with the launch of the first caisson. When completed, the 20 deepwater berths in the first phase of the Tuas Terminal development will be able to handle about 20m teu per annum.

“Investing in advanced port technologies remains a key element in PSA’s development of our terminals in Singapore to meet the challenges of growing consolidation and mega-alliances calling at our port,” PSA International regional chief executive Southeast Asia Ong Kim Pong said.

PSA Corporation is a fully owned subsidiary of PSA International, operator of the world’s largest container transshipment hub in Singapore.

The new fully electric AGVs underscore PSA’s commitment towards ensuring an environmentally friendly port and enhancing its workforce’s skills in managing these technologies, Mr Ong said in the statement.

Finland-based Cargotech CHS will deliver 18 of the 22 units, while France-based Gaussin Manugistique and Japan-based Toyota Industries will each deliver two new AGVs. Microvast Power Systems will provide the battery systems for all of the AGVs on order.

Singapore-based New Resource Technology clinched the deal to supply three automated DC charging stations that will facilitate battery charging for the AGVs during operations.

Source credit: Lloyds List

Image credit: Straits Times