Shipping containers on a plane?

Boeing have recently received a patent for an unique airplane design that if it ever came to fruition, would be a game changer for the shipping and aviation worlds.

The design sports a fuselage which is large enough to carry shipping (or sea) containers to slot in to.  Armed with a wider landing gear, these amazing drawings are making quite the buzz in the industry.

The pictures show a number of container possibly being transported.

If you were to currently transport cargo via airfreight, your freight would move in ULD’s (unit load devices).  These are a lot smaller than your standard shipping container and are able to be transported in the body of the aircraft.  An aircraft having the ability to be able to transport such a large amount of cargo would make an attractive solution to long transit times faced by both exporters and importers worldwide.

This animated video has been made on how the plane might look whilst in action:

We’re not too sure who’s more excited with this jaw dropping design.  The aviation or shipping industry?

Will it ever happen?  We’d certainly love to see it Boeing!

(However I am not sure that I would want to be on board the aircraft … think of the weight!)

Source credit: & patent yogi