Shipping Containers assisting the homeless

Shipping containers in Canada have been converted into mobile shelters for the homeless.  With an abundance of shipping containers not in use in the United States and Canada, this is a perfect way to recycle these big steel boxes.

The shipping containers are divided into eight rooms.  Each room sports the following features:

  •           Two beds per room
  •           Heating
  •           Lighting
  •           Smoke Detectors
  •           Hot water

There is a bathroom that is wheel chair accessible along with an office which is staffed by two trained members.

It may be sparse, but it is warmer than a cardboard box.

The facility is conveniently on wheels to allow the units to be moved from area to area.

These containers have been used previously in Chilliwack (yes, this place does exist) and were a raving success.  We wonder why we can’t use something similar here in Australia to help our homeless situation.

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