Shipping container skyscrapers

What’s currently being envisaged by China based CRG Architects? Shipping container based skyscrapers for Mumbai, India!

This amazing design would see two towers built out of shipping containers, one would be 400m tall (139 floors), with the other being half it’s size at 200m (78 floors).

The containers would be painted colourfully, and would twist and turn on their way up to the sky.

Whilst shipping containers are strong and sturdy, they would not be able to support such weight so a concrete and steel structure would help out.

Around 4500 containers would be used in the two structures, with roughly 1300 families being able to be housed overall.

This unbelievable design was submitted for a competition that asked for container-based tower concepts for Mumbai.  This design came in third – we think it deserved first place!

^ Artists view of the inside of the structure.

Want to know more about this structure?  Head here.

Image credit: CRG

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