Shipping container offices

We’ve seen some beautiful shipping container structures.  Amazing cargotecture is always impressive, and the way builders can contort a shipping container to make different structures is downright crazy.

Today we wanted to show you something a little different.

Shipping container home offices have been installed in a quiet street in Southwest Portland.

Jeff Wallach was the man behind this venture.  He bought the block with the intention of building apartments.  What he ended up with was a vision to build home offices into shipping containers.

The containers were purchased for USD1750 each, with insulation being added, electricity, sliding doors and windows – it increased the price of the containers (once outfitted) to approx USD12000.

With the actual containers being so cheap and readily available, Mr Wallach believed that it was the only option.  Shipping containers also are weather proof (in most cases) – they are also made strong enough to withstand the stress of being moved or stacked.

We are now safely tucked away in our new offices in Cockburn Central – but if we weren’t this would definitely be a fantastic idea!

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