Shipping container inspired furniture

In 1956, the introduction of shipping containers changed our industry forever.  Malcom McLean, often referred to as the “Father of containerisation” was the American Transport entrepreneur who revolutionised transport and international trade.

Fast forward to 2014 and we believe that Malcom would be proud of not only what shipping containers do for the transport industry, but that they are also being used for housing, hotels and other structures.

Shipping containers are also the inspiration behind furniture of all things.

We have complied a few of our favourite pieces of furniture for the shipping container lover amongst us.

  1. Shipping Container Coffee Table Wrap

Words cannot describe how amazing this product is. All you need is a large cardboard box – simply wrap it in this adhesive wrap and you have your very own intermodal shipping container coffee table.

2. Shipping container side cabinet

This piece has true vintage shipping container ascetics.  Made from durable iron, it can also double as a side table.

3. Industrial Container side table

In the same vain as the above side cabinet – have a look at this side table.  With loads of storage and authentic leasing company details on the side, we think that this piece is perfect for any home.

4.  Shipping container style bookcase

Again showing true markings of a shipping container, this bookcase has loads of storage for your beloved novels.

5. Container Style Industrial Desk

Your office is not complete without this shipping container style desk.  Finished off with partial container numbers for accuracy, it even comes complete with corner castings!

6.Shipping Container Industrial Sideboard

This sideboard is available in a different colour than the other articles we have shown.  Not only does it have loads of storage, it also has Mass Gross Weight (MGW) and Container Tare details.  We wonder how much cargo this piece can hold?

7. Container Style TV cabinet

This piece has the whole hog! Along with all the official shipping container markings, it also has steel corrugated side walls.

Have you seen a piece of shipping container furniture that you think we would like? What piece would you like to see in your house? Leave a comment below.