Shipping Container City

Wow, say hello to this shipping container city. Located in Newtown, Johannesburg this new development is “Mill Junction” and has been built for housing students in an area where student housing is sparse.

Used sea containers (some over 50 years old) have been perched high on top of abandoned concrete grain silos.

The empty silos have been retrofitted with flooring and door rooms – with windows being cut into the thick concrete. The shipping containers were lifted by a massive crane, bolted to the silos and given a fresh new coat of paint.

With a mixture of round dorm rooms in the silos, along with the long, thin, low ceiling living areas of the containers, this building would be an interesting place to live. The space inside is clean, yet basic.

Mill Junction will open it’s doors to students today, offering roof decks and free wi-fi.  We hear that the dorms are fully booked, it’s a shame, we’d love to live here!

if you want to know more about Mill Junction, head over to their facebook page.

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