Shipping container architecture dreams

Shipping containers live out the majority of their lives on the high seas. It may not be a glamorous job but it is essential, as 90% of consumer goods are shipped around the world in them.

While out of service containers would once be relegated to the scrapheap, they are experiencing a renewal thanks to the surge in recycling and re-purposing what was once discarded. Architects and designers are jumping on the band wagon and are combining the functional container with modern art and design. Containers are now considered a go-to material for building striking homes (among other things).

Containers are helping us to look outside the box and some of the designs we’ve seen have got us very excited. Today we wanted to show you two of our favourite design dreams. We hope they come into fruition soon!

1.    The Cross container micro-home

Made of two shipping containers, this proposed structure would be completely self-sustaining. It would service as a micro-home for one person.

Designed for a member of the church, the home is ‘holy’ constructed from recycled materials. Georgian architect Dachi Papuashvili chose the shape for peak functionality rather than religious symbolism.


2.    The Hive-Inn

This amazing hotel design is from Hong Kong based architects, OVA Studio.

Just take a minute to take it all in..

Aptly named the Hive Inn, the design looks like a massive Jenga tower that could topple over at any minute. We are assured that the building is secure thanks to each container being slotted into place in a metal frame.

The core of the formation ensures structural integrity, while being able to change out containers with ease. The hotel would offer themed rooms, with plenty of space on the exterior for advertising.


Which of these designs do you love? Do you know of any containers being used in interesting or unusual ways? Let us know!