Shipping Apparel

So we all know how amazing container homes can be, right? And it was just the other day that we bought you the wonderful world of furniture that has been inspired by these gigantic steel boxes.

Today we have something just for you. As Christmas is coming up, perhaps you will consider the gift of a shipping inspired piece of clothing to your loved ones!

1. This shirt needs no write up.  It’s perfect for that special someone that likes to show off their guns and has a love for containers.

2.  If you like your shirts to the point, how about this fantastic shirt sporting a large container ship?

They even make them in baby size!

3.  This is a classic “mother-in-law” shirt.


We could show you so many shirts that will make your heart swell with shipping love, but we suggest that you head over to Zazzle and check them out for yourself.  If you have little ones, head over here.

I know what’s on my Christmas wish list.