Shipping Abbreviations

At EES we want to simplify the world of shipping. So far we’ve bought you Transhipment Explained and The Features of a Shipping Container. Today we are turning our attention to shipping abbreviations.

Here is a list of our most commonly used abbreviations:

  • CY = Container Yard
  • CFS = Container Freight Station
  • T/S = Transhipment
  • GP = General Purpose container
  • HC = High Cube container
  • FCL = Full Container Load
  • LCL = Less than Container Load
  • S.T.C. = Said to Contain
  • E.T.A. = Estimated Time of Arrival
  • E.T.D. = Estimated Time of Departure
  • N.W. = Net weight
  • G.W. = Gross weight
  • HB/L = House bill of lading
  • MB/L = Master bill of lading (also known as an Ocean Bill of lading – OB/L)
  • O.O.G. = Out of gauge container (term used in the case of FR Flat Rack equipment)

Is there an abbreviation that you’ve seen or heard of and are unsure of its meaning? Contact us today.

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