Ship Collision on the Suez Canal

On Wednesday we reported through social media that two vessels collided in the Suez Canal causing hours worth of delays. Amateur video was taken of the incident, leaving little doubt which vessel was at fault.


Screen grabs of the video show the vessels side by side, then one turning a hard left into the other.

The two vessels involved in the incident were the Colombo Express (right) and the Maersk Tanjong (left).  Both are massive vessels, the Colombo Express was once claimed by her owner to be Biggest Container Vessel in the World (in 2005).  This vessel alone can hold 8749 twenty foot containers. The Maersk Tanjong is no pee-wee though, with the capability to hold 8402 twenty foot containers.

Three containers were lost from the Maersk Tanjong during the incident, with one later being recovered.  The Colombo Express was left with a 20m long dent.

A good buff – it’ll be as good as new!

There was no pollution or injuries as a result of this slow motion crash.

“Something went terribly wrong today,” wrote the maritime industry blog gCaptain, adding that “As rudders on ships like [the Colombo Express] are powered by large, finely tuned hydraulic systems, it is possible that this system failed and was the cause of the incident.”


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