Shark fin imports dealt another blow

Two major shipping lines have recently joined the embargo against carrying shark, whale and dolphin (and their related products) on their vessels.

OOCL and MSC have now committed to sustainability in the industry by not taking bookings of this nature, which also includes shipments of controversial shark fins.

These two lines join shipping lines Hanjin, Evergreen and CMA CGM among others.

Airlines have also joined on the refusal to carry these products, with at least thirty airlines enforcing the ban.

The World Wildlife Fund informs us that consumption of shark-related products, which are a culinary delicacy in some countries, is threatening an already endangered species. This is what has started the appeal to all sea and air freight companies to ban all shipments immediately.

“We congratulate OOCL on their blanket ban on all shark fin cargo shipments. We are thrilled that they have seen fit to follow their industry competitor MSC, who also announced [they were becoming] 100 per cent shark free in January,” said Alex Hofford, a wildlife campaigner from the local branch of WildAid, which is dedicated to stopping illegal wildlife trade by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns.

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